Tasty European treats

Tasty European treats

  • 3 Top Christmas Cracker Ideas for Kids

    Christmas crackers are a staple at the dinner table on any Christmas night since they help both kids and adults to enjoy their meal. While Christmas crackers generally contain a joke, paper hat and a riddle, it is crucial to choose crackers that appeal to the different age groups. The reason is that kids and adults have various tastes; therefore, getting them the same thing will not make it a memorable experience.

  • Want to Start a Small Sweets Business From Home? Here's a Guide

    Watching movies or sitting idly at home for hours can be boring and unproductive. You may want to utilize free resources within your reach to make extra income or get involved in fun money-making ventures. Ever given a thought to selling candies in your neighbourhood or along the streets? Or selling sweets at events near you? It is as simple as it sounds. A few tips below will guide you on where to start within the shortest time:

  • How to Make Fermented Ginger at Home

    Whether you are a fan of the piquancy of pickled ginger in Asian dishes or simply love to add some fermented ginger to your drinks for the health benefits, it can be a great idea to make your fermented ginger at home. It's a great pick-me-up and also can also aid digestion. Not only is it cheaper, but you also know exactly what you are eating and can manage your own portions of ginger accurately.

  • Super Spuds: 5 Ways to Add Interest to Mashed Potato Dishes at Your Family Restaurant

    As delicious and versatile as potatoes are, they can be a bit of a bland dish when served the same way. Mashed potato is a case in point -- butter, milk and a decorative garnishis how most eateries choose to serve this up, but this is a culinary crime when there can be so many unique and imaginative variations of the mashed spud! If your family restaurant needs to up its game in terms of side dishes or you're simply renewing your menu for the new season ahead, the humble mashed potato dish is a great place to start.

  • Quick Questions to Ask a Mobile Catering Service Company

    A mobile catering service can be a great choice for a backyard party or for setting up at a jobsite where there are few other options for employees. They can also be good for a special event you're hosting at a school, your church or other religious building and so on. Because all mobile catering service companies will be different and because you want your guests or employees to enjoy the food being served, note a few quick questions to ask before having such a company on your grounds for any event.

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    Tasty European treats

    I have the best business ever. I spend each summer in Europe on a tasting tour, working what treats are only available locally and what foods I might be able to import to Australia. Australian consumers are a unique market. They are very adventurous with baked treats and fresh produce, but in some other ways, they are not used to try anything different. I'm always looking for foods that might be popular and would complement our lifestyle with lots of fresh food and lightly grilled meats. If you want to know more about European food suppliers in Australia, my site is the place to start!